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If you’ve experienced a catastrophic collision with a truck—leaving you hurt and your vehicle ruined—it sends your life spiraling out of control.

You need, and deserve, compensation to get you through this crisis.

But the big insurance company works against you.

At Schiro & Themer, we know what you’re up against.

We’ve got a plan to get you full compensation for your injuries.

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After a Big Truck Accident, It’s Not a Fair Fight

You’ve been badly injured, so you can’t work, which means you’re losing wages down the drain with every day that passes.

You’re in pain. You can barely move. Your entire family is suffering emotionally and financially.

You and your vehicle are no match for an 18-wheeler. An average car is 2 tons. Big trucks weigh in at 40 tons.

Their insurance companies act like they’re the kings of the road, too.

To make this a fair fight, get an experienced lawyer on your side.

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Don’t Let the Insurance Company Bully You

Your medical bills are piling up: emergency room, ambulance, hospital, doctors, prescriptions. Every day more bills appear in your mailbox. It seems like it will never end.

But the insurance company is playing a numbers game with you, and they intend to win.

They’re pressuring you to settle, even though you don’t understand how they came up with the amount they’re offering. It sounds too low to cover everything you need.

Don’t let them cheat you!

You’ve never experienced anything like this before, and you feel overwhelmed. But the insurance company has plenty of experience. They know just what to do to bully you into settling for less than what you honestly have coming to you.

But wait—do you know who else has plenty of experience dealing with truck accidents? The lawyers at Schiro & Themer.

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What You Can Do Today

Stop letting the insurance company call the shots.

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We’ll fight to get you the settlement you need to get your life back to normal.

We don’t work for insurance companies. At Schiro & Themer, we provide Help when you need it most.

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